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Yesmoke Cigarettes

The Historical Fact: Yesmoke Tobacco S.p.A. represents the continuation of the Yesmoke trademark, which from 2000 to 2005, was the world leader in the sale of cigarettes.

Originally, Yesmoke was an online store selling cigarettes. It wanted to open a new, free and legitimate distribution channel. The war with Philip Morris brought the fledgling firm to the attention of newspapers all over the world, contributing to an increase of sales to over 6 million cartons per year.
Yesmoke is essentially the perfect premium cigarette. Produced Yesmoke cigarettes use only the best quality tobacco, excluding any questionable chemical cocktails. This is a realy best cigarettes with a rich flavor of tobacco. Graceful pack is made in light colors which pleasant to look.
Now you can Buy Yesmoke Cigarettes at discount prices: Yesmoke 0.6 (EU-made), Yesmoke 0.3 (EU-made)
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